Fiber (Polyproplen and Steel Wire) Reinforced Concretes

Fiber reinforced concretes, which provide solutions for cases requiring increase in concrete toughness and ductility, which help for the cure against plastic contraction cracks and which are the enemy of micro cracks… Industrial flooring, tunnel timbering shotcretes…

Colored Concretes

A cosmetic solution that we provide for those willing to utilize colors, besides form, for architectural aesthetics.

Concrete Classes Designed According to TS - EN 206

Concretes in all environmental impact, consistency, compressive strength, unit weight (density), the biggest grain diameter classes pursuant to the concrete standard.

Special Concretes Complying with the Customer’s Descriptions and Specifications

Concrete designs specially prepared for customers in compliance with requirements or project specifications.

Mineral Reinforced Concretes and Mortars

Concretes are environmentally friendly high performance where the heat of hydration of mass concrete should be kept in a controlled low temperature, for marine and offshore structures which exposed the effect of sulphate and chloride result from the sea water.

Retarder or Accelerator Concretes

Concrete is appropriate in cases requested that the extension or shorten of the setting time in accordance with the worksite conditions.

Compatible Concrete for Surface Hardening Applications

Concrete have a high compliance with which desired applying surface hardening powder in order to improve surface strength and wear resistance and to prevent dust emission in industrial floor applications.

Self-Compacting Concretes and Mortars

Mixtures which are ideal for difficult shapes of mold, tightly and intensively equipped areas and construction elements requiring smooth surface. There is no need vibration or rodding to consolidate and compact the concrete. Mixtures are specially designed with cutting-edge tecnologic chemical additives. Seismic retrofitting-insulating, reaching to the points that are out of the reach of pump by flowing and, saving from labor for compacting.

Lightweight Concrete and Mortars

Concrete is used when it is required to reduce the self weight of the construction. Lightness is higher priority than the compressive strength. Specially aggregated, specially reinforced and specially designed pumpable mixtures which are ideal for lightweight wall elements, lightweight leveling concrete and lightweight alum and plaster.


Wet and dry special mixtures for tunnel timbering, slope reinforcements, steel element fire coatings and special architectural practices.

Injection Mortars and Grouts

Mortars and grouts with specific density and gradation required for dam constructions and floor improvements.

Permeable Concretes

Concretes are preferred to move away quickly in the water passing through the concrete layers for the intended application. It is used to coat the tennis court surface, in protecting the drainage pipe and in architectural applications.

Air Entrained Concrete

Concrete which is created microscopic air bubbles in the concrete. Freeze – thaw effect of intensive climate zones can be seen and it is an appropriate solution for concrete surfaces without the coating will be left open.