Company Policies


Executives and employees of Nuh Beton A.Ş. adopt the following principles:

  • Protecting natural resources and environment and preventing wastage in the selection of technology, construction and operation of facilities and use of raw materials and energy,

  • Minimizing wastes and supporting recycling in order to prevent pollution,

  • Providing a clean and reliable environment for our employees and society,

  • Abiding by local, national and international rules and laws and cooperating with official authorities,

  • Reviewing environmental objectives and targets every year and constantly improving Environmental Management System,

  • Attaching importance to trainings and activities that promote environment and human health,

We, as the top management, undertake that all kinds of support will be provided, necessary resources will be allocated and applicable environmental legislation and administrative regulations will be complied with in order to fulfill the above-specified principles in our company, which is one of the leading companies in the ready mixed concrete sector.


Executives and employees of Nuh Beton A.Ş. adopt the following principles:

  • Expanding customer portfolio and increasing sales,

  • Increasing profitability of the company and capacity use ratios,

  • Grounding our approach of quality on science, allocating sufficient resources and increasing customer satisfaction,

  • Carrying on training activities to ensure personal development of our employees, improve team spirit, enhance motivation and have the corporate culture adopted,

  • Providing a clean and reliable environment for our employees and society,

  • Fulfilling customers’ demands in compliance with all legal rules and standards concerning our area of activity.

  • Creating a safe working environment in a way to minimize work accidents and controlling, reviewing and constantly improving the efficiency of management systems,


Executives and employees of Nuh Beton A.Ş. adopt the following principles:

  • Providing suppliers and customers with timely and faultless services above their expectations,

  • Ensuring that tests, calibrations and crosschecks are carried out always in accordance with standards and customer specifications,

  • Ensuring that always raw materials of good quality are used in production,

  • Carrying out R&D activities in order to idealize an develop design, production and quality control processes,

  • Increasing efficiency in every process and ensuring more economical use of resources of environment and country,

  • Contributing to the company’s marketing and sales power by means of product diversification activities,

  • Constantly developing laboratory management system and services,

  • Ensuring that suppliers and laboratory personnel learn and adopt concepts and requirements of quality and environmental management systems,

  • Observing confidentiality for the information of customers, avoiding from failures that may tarnish independence from all kinds of perverting factors and honesty and not allowing intentional actions.

We, as the top management, undertake that all required support and necessary resources will be provided in order to ensure compliance of laboratory management with this standard and fulfill the above-specified principles.


“Nuh Beton A.Ş. in all activities regarded human as the most valuable asset of understanding and awareness of ” to respect nature is to respect the human”, and adopts a management approach that protects these elements and apply them.

With this aim,

  • Working in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation that we are on the subject, the requirements of the organizations which we are members,

  • By evaluating the health and safety risks arising from our activities, in order to prevent injury and health loss determine and perform the objectives and protective activities and review the taken results within ‘by measuring management

  • For the creation and development of health-safety awareness, being on the communication and participation activities, to create a common denominator responsibility,

  • Monitoring the performance of activities for the occupational health and safety, continuous improvement of our management systems and the provision of necessary resources for them

As a management, we are committed these in collaboration with our employees and subcontractors..”